Radhika Vekaria & YGB Board of Directors

Enjoy the most beautiful piano and chanting by Radhika Vekaria, who mesmerized our guests at the YGB Gala 2019. 

Meet YGB Board of Directors and an inspiring new short YGB Film "Sanuyara's Journey".


Radhika Vekaria

Radhika Vekaria is no stranger to capturing purpose & a higher calling within her music - her namesake "Radha" is the Vedic goddess of love and devotion; two concepts that are synonymous with Vekaria's pursuit of the arts. Radhika, a classically trained musician, shall be performing pieces from her album SAPTA, The Seven Ways. Falling stylistically somewhere between world music, textural soundscape and a collection of mantras, SAPTA (the Sanskrit word for "Seven") is a powerful ode to Vekaria's Indian roots and the Sanskrit mantras which have guided thousands of years of healing for devotees of yoga and meditative arts. Available on all music platforms. https://www.radhikavekaria.com